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StickWiki's been updated

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StickWiki's been updated

The last few days have seen four new versions of StickWiki, aka Wiki on a Stick slammed out. New 'set password' icon, pages now display when they were last modified, more page options on the menu (duplicate, delete, etc.) and my personal wiki shot up from 533kB to 586kB (0.9.6b to 0.10.3). Of course I'm keeping a backup of the original. Eerily the importer says it imported 42/52 pages, but I can't find what's missing. My whole novel work-in-progress and all the pages I regularly use (it's like a notebook for me) are intact or seem to be.

Just thought I'd pass it along. I hope I'm not alone in thinking StickWiki is the best thing to happen to Firefox since ad blocking.

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To be fair, not just Firefox, any JavaScript enabled browser.

Good to see the project is still active, but I'm fairly entrenched in TiddlyWiki now, and although it took some getting used to at first, I really like some of the TW's features.

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