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Trillian Portable

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Trillian Portable

Ive been trying to find a portable version of Trillian Astra Pro, but cant seem to find it here at PA. Ive tried to Install Trillian, log-in, close, then copy Program Files\Trillian directory to my jump drive, remove jump-drive, and then uninstall trillian. And it works, but only on the system it was originally install on. I found a link at [name removed] for TAP portable([link removed]), but Norton is saying there is a Trojan Horse. Can anyone confirm if this is a legit program, or Inform me on how to get a portable version of Trillian Astra Pro?

[Name of and link to bad site removed - mod Chris]

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Mind e-mailing me the link to

Mind e-mailing me the link to that site, varxtis? I'm a malware fighter, and I'd like to get my hands on another sample or two.

Take my forum name
add "eatsspam"
Send me a note at GMail


EDIT: just checked and there can never be a legit portable version of Trillian. From the license:

2. Distribution Permitted. You may make copies of your copy of Trillian™ Basic to give to others provided that such copies are not modified from the original downloaded copy of Trillian™ Basic.

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Well technically

It might be legal if it uses a PA.c Installer which downloads Trillian at install time. That's what most of the freeware installers here do, for just that reason (since at that point it's technically the user doing the repackaging at install time, which is out of the scope of copyright).

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Wouldn't Trillian Pro be paid

Wouldn't Trillian Pro be paid software? So you're basically asking where you can download a hacked version of paid software? Good luck with that.

Use Pidgin instead, it does pretty much the same thing as Trillian.

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not an easy one to hack

with Trillian, the installed app is the same for both Pro and Free versions. You need to have an Astra account registered on their website to use it at all, and if that account is tied to you having paid, then the full feature set is available when you log in, if not, then it isn't.

Also, for the OP, it is pretty much natively portable anyway, you just need to edit a few .ini file settings. There are instructions at on how to do it for v3 and nothing important has changed since then.

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Trillian Portable

want new link for Trillian 5 Portable plz...

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