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AnonyMail It! Portable - v1.04 - Stable

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AnonyMail It! Portable - v1.04 - Stable

Application: AnonyMail It!
Category: Utilities
Website: Shadow Slash Teknologies
Description: AnonyMail It! Portable is AnonyMail It! packaged as a portable app, so you can take it anywhere with you. AnonyMail It! is an application for sending anonymous emails. The interface design is simple and very easy to understand. As a preventive measure to spammers, a capcha system is incorporated inside the application to prevent automated e-mail sending. Apart from that, a time interval must be waited out before the user gets to send another email. The best part of it is that it's free! And, as with all apps, it leaves no personal information behind on the machine you run it on.

Download AnonyMail It! Portable v1.04
[1.97MB download / 3.71MB installed]
(MD5: 0389099C8E843CD2BA30463774FAA435)

Download for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Version 1.04
- Added more extensions to the random domain names generated.
- Fixed bug in sending anonymous e-mails.
- Fixed bug in update checking.
- Fixed bug in clearing fields.

Version 1.03
- Added option to include a sender name.
- Added option to generate a random sender e-mail.
- Added option to generate a random sender user.
- Added option to generate a random sender domain.
- Added e-mail length limitation.
- Changed receiver from single to multiple e-mails.
- Changed the maximum allowed characters in the e-mail content from 4000 to 8000 characters.
- Changed the icon of button to load e-mail content from a folder to a note icon.
- Fixed bug when importing file to the message field.
- Fixed the old in-accurate e-mail format checking system and replaced it with a newly coded one.
- Fixed the out-dated help information in "Help > Index".

Version 1.02
- Added usage logging feature.
- Added word wrapping option for the Message field.
- Added another easter egg.
- Added capability of the interface to be resized.
- Added shortcut key for "File > Quit". (Alt+F4)
- Added shortcut key for "Help > Website". (Alt+W)
- Added shortcut key for "Help > Donate". (Alt+D)
- Added shortcut key for "Help > View Change Log". (Alt+C)
- Added option to save the change log into an HTML file.
- Changed shortcut key for "File > Clear Mail" from Alt+N.
- Fixed minor interface bug.
- Fixed Shift+Insert not being filtered when used unlike Ctrl/Cmd+V.
- Fixed bug where users can include more than one "@" sign in Sender and Receiver fields.
- Fixed Linux hand cursor problem.

Version 1.01
- Added a change log.
- Added option to load message via file.
- Added help section.
- Changed capcha generation to avoid confusion among characters.
- Fixed e-mail checking system.
- Fixed e-mail sending delay.

Version 1.00
- Primary release.
- Stable.

Comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!