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OOP 3.1.1 will NOT execute paf.exe

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OOP 3.1.1 will NOT execute paf.exe

Hi all,

Newbie here with a quick ?

I have D/L'd Open Ofc 3.1.1 three times but keep getting error on executing the paf.exe file, something about a bad installer!?

Any help appreciated!



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Welcome ...

... on

In order to help You some more information is needed.

1. Where did You download the package an wich one (English...)?
(The installers of are checked an digitally signed)
2. Did You check the md5sum in order to take care that there are no download releated problems?
3. Whats Your Operating System?
4. What kind of Error (Message) occures?

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

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