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OOo 3.2 Forms broken until version OOo 3.2.1

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OOo 3.2 Forms broken until version OOo 3.2.1

More folks are reporting problems with 'forms' in the new 3.2 release. These two bugs were identified in the release candidate phase but not fixed in time for the 3.2 release. They render the use of forms in 3.2 hit or miss at best. My own Base projects are broken under 3.2 final release version. I, like several users who participate at , have been forced to rollback to OOo 3.1.1 when using forms.


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Not relevant

This isn't relevant here - we deal with making portable, not in making It's nothing special about the portable version at all.

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Actually, it is (a bit relevant)

Due to his post, probably a lot less people will ask for the Portable version of OOo 3.2, since it still has bugs and the current version OOP 3.1 is practically bug-free. If 3.1 is better for now, you've got your hands free, and community should be informed why not to be pushy with the requests... At least until the OOo 3.2.1 Smile

Well, that's my opinion on the subject...

Cheers Smile

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