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GIMP 2.6.8 install too slow in XP (more than 10 minutes!)

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GIMP 2.6.8 install too slow in XP (more than 10 minutes!)

I've tried to install portable GIMP in an XP SP2, but the install process takes more than 10 minutes! (actualy I've never finished it).

Something should be hapening because I've installed some other portable appls in the same laptop without any problem.



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That's pretty unusual; on my

That's pretty unusual; on my XP Pro SP3 box the installation takes maybe two minutes if I've got the system under a heavy load, and more like 30-45 seconds for normal situations.

Have you tried installing to the hard drive? The problem could be a slow USB drive.

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Many files

I think this is caused by GIMP including a lot of files (~1800). If your USB stick writes large blocks (not the file system, but the drive internally) like 2 or 4 Mb, it may have to write up to 1800 x 4 Mb = 7200 Mb which is quite a lot.

Were all the other apps you installed really small? E.g. other large ones like OO portable should have the same problem if it's the reason I mentioned.

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