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Troubles with TB 3.01 under Linux/Wine

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Troubles with TB 3.01 under Linux/Wine

Just did an upgrade of my entire Portable Apps Suite and have ran into troubles using Thunderbird under SuSE11.2 Linux / wine. Seems ok under Windows Vista. Under Linux, emails are only partially viewable. Any previous replys will show, but new content does not appear. just white space. Highlighting and doing a copy paste does move content into the clipboard so I know the content of the email is there. Also can see it if I view the source. But it does not display. Again, this only applies to new content of an email, if the email includes content from a previous email/reply then that part does display. WEIRD!

I have also noticed some format issues in doing a copy paste into an email that I am composing. Sometime what appears to be some sort of garbage character might appear, or the lines may be broken in two and I am unable to rejoin them by trying to delete whatever is marking the end of the line.

Anyone else having troubles with TB under Linux/Wine? How can I fix this?


Chris Morgan
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Thunderbird itself

Have you tried it with a non-portable installation of Thunderbird? I would expect the same behaviour with it - and that the issue should be pursued in the WineHQ BugZilla.

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