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VLC: App Development help

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VLC: App Development help

Hi, I have an application need for VLC portable. I either need some major help or outsourcing. Here it is: I take videos of prospective customer's jobs then give to the customer along with my proposal. I would like to streamline this as follows:

Use VLC Portable on a flash drive to either automatically open and start playing the video(s) or Open and automatically open the media->open file to the correct directory. Optimally it would do both.

I would like to have all of this happen from a autorun and maybe hide the associated VLC directories.

I am completely new at this and just want to keep up with the competition. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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For hiding the directories,

For hiding the directories, try the Windows file hider (right-click -> Properties -> check Hidden); for launching VLC Portable with the videos, you can try my General Launcher. It's not perfect, but it should do what you want.

Autorun is a funny beast - you never know if it'll work or not. It's frequently disabled on corporate PC's and is, IIRC, disabled by default on Win 7.
Nevertheless, you can try creating an autorun.inf file; its biggest limitation is that it can only run one program, which is actually why I wrote the General Launcher in the first place. Set up GL to open your videos, then set GL to autorun and see how it works.
(Better make sure you test your setup before you give any presentations - there's a computing "law", akin to Murphy's Law, that states the probability of errors during a presentation is inversely related to the number and importance of people present)


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