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PDF to Word Converter

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PDF to Word Converter

Program: PDF to Word Converter

Description: AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter is an easy-to-use application, which is specially designed for converting PDF to Word 2010 (.docx) 2007(.docx), 2003(.doc). The original text, layouts, images and hyperlinks can be exactly retained in the generated Word documents. Just with one click, you can convert your read-only PDF files into fully formatted editable Word documents less one minute.

Main functions and features:

1. Support batch,partial and right-click conversion modes.
2. Support encrypted PDF Conversion.
3. Support Windows 7 and Office 2010.
4. Preserve text, layouts, images and hyperlinks in an editable Word document.

Resource: AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter


The best desktop PDF to Word Converter I have ever used on my PC of Windows OS.

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Not free

This program is not free despite the title. And the trial version does not work very well -- at least not on the large (but simple) PDF file I tried.

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this program will not be done as the program is not open source let alone free.

why would anyone need to convert a PDF to a .RTF/.doc?

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need special software to edit PDF

why would anyone need to convert a PDF to a .RTF/.doc?

Microsoft does not have very good support for PDFs. In order to edit them, you need Adobe Acrobat or other expensive software programs (I've never found a free one, not that I've looked very hard). Not that this program is free though, but it might be cheaper.

EDIT: looked at website, definitely cheaper than Acrobat.

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adobe acrobat will not allow you to edit pdf as it is understood in general. It will allow you to cut out certain things (if not blocked), add some notes (if not blocked) but you can not edit text as in a word processor.

The original purpose of pdf was, to have kid of one way format, once exported, the contents can not be changed any more.
Later some features as forms etc were added, this is kind of change, but it was still within the basic concept.

Sure later some people find a way to export some parts of the pdf back to free editable formats, but this will all time remain something like scanning the pdf and import it via OCR or so.

PDF itself contains so many different parts, that proper export might be somehow difficult. Often, when the original can not be converted into pdf with embedded fonts etc, it is then converted as graphics only, this means again, the reverse operation will have to find out characters from their form only.

Each time the software to convert it back to editable format gets slightly usable, adobe will hurry up and change some features and functions, so the reverse export becomes again very difficult. This simply as an attempt to maintain the original idea of the pdf.

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edit PDF with OpenOffice or LibreOffice

Try an OCR-program. There is one which can be bought for less than 10 Euros. I am using it quite often. Search for "screenshot reader".


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There is a need from pdf to rtf, html or text at least

If you work with LaTeX (with MiKTeX portable), you can output an device independent (dvi), postcript (ps) or portable document format (pdf). LaTeX provides a way to convert to odt or html via TeX4ht, but is rather cumbersome. A different approach is convert the pdf to rtf or better, html. In that way, the document is "editable" in the mind of the recipient, but in reality is a copy of the document without the extremily high quality of the original (a tex file compiled to pdf).

That's why I think that is a non trivial need to convert pdf to an editable format.

The second reason is for research. In this case, is sufficient to get the text from the pdf, but this isn't done by pdf readers.

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