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Command line without job example

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Command line without job example

I'm trying to use the full command line option and failing are there any examples somewhere, of a few working command lines, as I'm mainly doubtful of the syntax.

I'm trying:-
%PROGRAMDIR%\Toucan\App\toucan\Toucan.exe Sync "E:\xxxx\yyyy" "E:\aaaa\yyyyy" Copy ""

and no items are copied (or whatever else I try.
If I create a job using the same paths and
%PROGRAMDIR%\Toucan\App\toucan\Toucan.exe jobname
it works.


Steve Lamerton
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think what you need is the following:

%PROGRAMDIR%\Toucan\App\toucan\Toucan.exe Sync "E:\xxxx\yyyy" "E:\aaaa\yyyyy" Copy "" false false false false

Hope that helps!

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