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Ares Mod Portable Development Test 6

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Ares Mod Portable Development Test 6

Application: Ares Mod
Category: Internet
Description: Ares Mod is based on Ares Galaxy and includes a few extra features. An Ares portable version is one of them.

Download Ares Mod Portable Development Test 6 [2.3MB download / 6.5MB installed]
(MD5: aac87e0dd5b5899082e746696b7ac66d)

Tested on:

XP Pro and Home SP2 (Guest/Admin)

Release Notes:

Development Test 6 (2010-03-17):

  • upstream upgrade (Ares Galaxy Feb. 2010)

Development Test 5 (2010-03-07):

  • Fixed registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Development Test 4 (2010-03-02):

  • upstream v.
  • changed: extra dir and Help.html

Development Test 3 (2010-03-01):

  • upstream v.
  • appinfo.ini and readme changes

Development Test 2 (2010-02-28):

  • Now works on Platform v. 1.6 (thanks to John T. Haller)

Development Test 1 (2010-02-28): Initial release

  • Launches fine on Platform v. 1.0 but does NOT on Platform v. 1.6 down to 1.1.

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Hi vdp, the last update for this was around 2 years ago, and the download link leads to a 404. Are you still supporting this?

Additionally, I can't seem to find the license for this app. Can you provide a link to it, or contact the developer to ensure we have permission redistribute this?

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I don't beleive so anymore.

They now appear to be run by OneKit, a company who includes a bunch of adware with their software. the terms can be found here , however it doesn't appear to be gpl.

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