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X-Chat 2 [IRC client]

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X-Chat 2 [IRC client]

It would be very nice if there would be portable version of X-Chat 2, lightweight and easy to use IRC chat application.

It's open-source, but official Windows build is shareware - but that's not a problem,
there are free unofficial Windows builds, which have exactly same features (except graphical smileys :D) -

It also doesn't uses registry, so I believe it would be easy to make portable version of it.

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The Silverex FAQ has this How

The Silverex FAQ has this

How can I get portable X-Chat version?

You can make one yourself. Just copy the installation directory to flash disk, then make startxchat.bat file with something like this:
set PATH=%PATH%;\xchat\lib
\xchat\xchat.exe -d "\xchat\myxchatsettingsdir"

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There currently is another

There currently is another fork of XChat, named PChat, in testing. Link: Note that I haven't tried it myself, and that it is still in testing and thus might have bugs.

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plus my fork is in continuous

plus my fork is in continuous development and the windows version is always free, (not saying silverex's version isn't just he doesn't update nearly as often as I plan to update PChat)

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I've used (and regularly use)

I've used (and regularly use) PChat; it has a few minor glitches, but the overall experience is stellar.
I've dumped Chatzilla and Pidgin in favor of PChat, and I'm not looking back. Smile

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