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Pidgin: Portable Gaim for linux

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Pidgin: Portable Gaim for linux

I read something about a version of the portable Gaim which is usable under Linux.

Is there somebody who knows something about this version?
Knows somebodey where i can get it?

The problem is:
A friend is abroad because his Job took him there and there are linux-pc's and no windows-pc's.
He isnt allowed to install any program.

At home (in germany) he uses the "normal" Gaim and so it i thought it would be the best for him to use a portable version of it ^^

Thanks for your answers and greetz

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Re: Portable Gaim for Linux

I don't know much about an actual Portable Gaim for Linux, but I did an google search for it and this is what I turned up.

Which down lower on the page lists 2 portable version one for windows and one for Linux... The one for Linux takes you to the following home page:

Hope that helps you get what you're looking for. Please, if it turns out this works for you, can you post back or let me know? I'd be very interested in this as well.

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