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Corsair releases its fastest USB flash drives yet

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Corsair releases its fastest USB flash drives yet

They approach the maximum performance offered by USB 2.0

Corsair today announced a new family of USB flash drives that the company said approach the maximum performance available from the USB 2.0 interface, which offers 480Mbit/sec throughput.

The Flash Voyager GTR family of USB flash drives have maximum read speeds up to 34MB/sec. and write speeds of up to 28MB/sec. If those read/write rates are accurate, they would surpass anything Computerworld has tested so far.

The fastest flash drive tested by Computerworld was the Ironkey secure drive, which had a maximum read rate of 27MB/sec. and a maximum write speed of 24MB/sec.

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128GB + R34/W28?

That sounds like a beast of a flash drive, if the biggest one supports those high speeds. But even if the base model, the 32GB does, that's still pretty impressive. And how much space do you really on of a flash drive? Far beyond that, just get a portable hard drive. And the less portable external hard drives go right up to 2TB.

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