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Just an idea (to John) - cloud syncing

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Just an idea (to John) - cloud syncing


I have been reading threads about sync files and related stuff a lot and I was thinking that it can be a good bussines to you if...

I know that you know Dropbox and Ubuntu One... what if include a service like that to cloud syncing and backuping portable devices running's apps? I mean a similar service like DropBox or UbuntuOne but specially configured for profiles (or apps, or the entire portable unit).

With all that cloud computing around and that fashion in apps like Dropbox, maybe should try it...

Maybe a couple of Gb for free and extras for pay, or maybe profile syncing included in platform and total backup or apps syncing or entire portable unit syncing for an extra money.

Maybe this is too complicated and I don't know what I'm saying or maybe you can just negotiate with a company that already do the Cloud stuff and make a deal or something like that.... I don't know, I was thinking on this and thought it was a good extra for, our thumbdrives, and your pocket... Wink

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John can even make extra $$ by setting it to only upload the data dir and still charge the same amount! }:)
Only problem is that it would kinda defeat the purpose of PortableApps...

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Cloud =/= necessarily portable

The problem is that all it takes to kill the cloud is one terminal you need that has the cloud server blocked, like Dropbox is for many.

It's a good idea, but it puts a big ugly asterisk after "Your digital life, ANYWHERE" that reads "well, so long as our server isn't blocked at your school or work".

That said, it's an awesome idea. So is Dropbox. Too bad I can't use it. And as someone who uses portable apps at work, I'm right in the middle of the target demographic (with students) of's services.

Only a few apps even necessitate something like this. You can back up the rest on your own and email it to yourself, but maintaining settings in 7-zip or even OpenOffice is nowhere near as important as your Firefox and Thunderbird profiles. Firefox has an extension, Weave, that syncs your profile. Maybe they have something like it for Thunderbird too, or at least in the works. Now, they intend for it to be used between Firefox at home and Firefox on a smartphone (e.g. Nokia N900), but it can be used between installed Firefox and Portable Firefox or two instances of either. Or more.

Then again, that can be blocked, too. Haven't tested it. Beee

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