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I couldn't find the topic here.

mRemoteNG is a continuation of great app mRemote. It is open source and free and there is already a portable version of the software.

Basically this is a remote access client. It Can do Telnet, SSH, RDP, Citrix And HTML and VNC and all this in one window with tabs. Ive been using it for a while and it is a great admin tool. I wish i could see it as a part of portableapps.

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Should be trivial

This app should be very trivial to convert/build as the app is already available portable (however I would also add in the xulrunner libraries if I were creating the package). I don't have the experience in building packages/apps but if noone else steps up, I just might attempt it if/when I get the time.

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Hello, did you manage to package mremote?

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Requests should have links ;)

This program looks great. I use PuTTY quite a bit and this will allow me to do PuTTY with tabs. Very nice.


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* Microsoft Windows XP or

* Microsoft Windows XP or Higher (32-bit or 64-bit)
* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or Higher
* For Remote Desktop/Terminal Services (RDP):
o Terminal Services Client 6.1 or Higher
* For Citrix (ICA):
o Citrix Online Plug-In – Web
* For Gecko HTTP/HTTPS Rendering:
o XULRunner (20080128)

Just warning for the do net. Kitty does tabs as well, and its a port of putty.
Seems I was wrong, kitty doesn't have tabs, but it does have roll up.

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Vista and 7 users take note

This program doesn't play nice with Aero, at least with a PuTTY window. Switching windows is a pain unless you have Aero disabled.


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TeamViewer versus mRemote[NG]

I'm using TeamViewer succesfully. I can access computer(s) behind firewall.

Question - can mRemote[NG] do similar? Does it need proxy server to access from outside LAN?

I tried both mRemote and mRemoteNG. I can't get either to connect from one machine to other. Am getting numerous/various errors. I've tried both VNC and RDP.

Can anyone suggest step-by-step instructions how to use this app?

Thank you,

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I think this is a great app, and that should be added to the apps suite.

Please give it a thought.

mRemoteNG supports the following protocols:

RDP (Remote Desktop/Terminal Server)
VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
ICA (Citrix Independent Computing Architecture)
SSH (Secure Shell)
Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork)
HTTP/HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
Raw Socket Connections

Thank you.

By N_E_O

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I'm happy anyone - expect me

I'm happy anyone - expect me - want add mRemoteNG! Please do this Wink

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Remote Desktop Manager

Suggestion :
free and portable package exists

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mRemoteNG on PortableApps

Any updates?

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