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Toucan and Amazon S3

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Toucan and Amazon S3

Toucan is really a very handy and a powerful backup solution. I've been using it for some time and really appreciate it. I've checked the forum, the documentation and the Web and could not find any reference of Toucan with Amazon S3.

I'm just wondering how to set up an easy way to backup my data on S3 with Toucan. I first thought of WebDAV using S3DAV mentioned by Jeremy Zawodny but S3DAV hasn't evolved since May 2006... Anyway, I am not sure WebDAV is the solution to connect Toucan to S3 since it may need to access quite a few times to S3 to compare the files.

I am thinking of using the Backup Differential from the source folder to a "S3 folder replica on my PC". Then, using the S3Fox extention of Firefox, I'd transfer the base file only the first time and only the differential archive each time I run Toucan. The limitation of supporting one source folder at a time can be by-passed by building a job. Now, I'd have loved to find a way to connect directly to S3.

Has anyone used Toucan with S3? Any idea?

Thanks for your help,