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VirusScan Alert! PortableAppsPlattform.exe

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VirusScan Alert! PortableAppsPlattform.exe

This issue has been consolidated into this topic:

Today morning I would start PortableApps, but McAfee VirusScan reported virus alert at the PortableAppsPlatform.exe.

Name: F:\PortableApps\\PortableAppsPlatform.exe
Virus: Artemis!0E1A49A03054

McAffee deleted the file.

McAffee DAT-Version: 5917.0000

Afer loading the new installation package from and reinstallation, I got the same problem after the installtion process.

After switching of the heuristic sensitivity of the access scan I got no more virus alert. It is an false positive message from VirusScan, I think.

Chris Morgan
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McAfee is causing lots of trouble

McAfee is having lots of false positives just now.

If you like (and if you can get it back) you can upload it to and you'll see it is indeed a false positive.

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same to me...

this morning I inserted my Usb pendrive in my working PC and.. pop... virus detection by McAfee (which I can't turn off)
again and again a fake firus .. only with this stupid AV software...

please protest with the software house and/or please give us a newer version without this problem.. . I can't use my predefinited FFox, Pidgin, Openoffice...
i don't want to get back on the stupid Microsoft-based program installed by my firm....

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I have the same problem. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I cannot alter anything at the settings of McAfee, because it is a corporate PC and I have no admin rights.

Hans Teffer

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McAfee antivirus false positive problem

I have experienced exactly the same problem last night at work. I too am using a corporate PC so I'm stuck until McAfee fixes the problem or PortableApps does an upgrade.

In the meantime there are only two programs that I really need to use off my USB memory stick. The work around I used was to create two short cuts in my task bar that would access the apps directly from the directory file in my USB memory stick.

I am using Firefox and another portable app I added on my own called Puretext. I managed to use these programs all last night without further incident.

Do I need to reinstall Portableapps again from scratch, or can I just download the one file that McAfee disabled?

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Report to McAfee...

How to report a false positive You will find a link for McAfee there.

Virustotal Results Oddly, McAfee doesn't detect it there Pardon

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can't get there...

i tried to download again the file that McAfee says it's infected but, obviously, it has been blocked when I tried to unpack it from the installer... iI can't actually send it to the virus alert email ... how it can be done?

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switch off mcafee

first for some time, and then you can send the file or copy it etc.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Why must McAfee suck today?

Ditto! My PortableApps flash drive is clean, but this morning McAfee declares that PortableAppsPlatform.exe is the Artemis!0E1A49A03054 Trojan and deleted it.

I can't unpack the PortableApps suite to get another copy of the .exe because it will be deleted as well.

Could somoene who is not afflicted with McAfee VirusScan submit a false positive report with McAfee so they will fix the problem?



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I have now false positives

I have now false positives on:

  • The Gimp
  • Open Office
  • PortableApps launcher

I'll submit them to McAfee when I have access to a MfAfee free system.

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