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[Fixed] A Trojan During Setup?

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[Fixed] A Trojan During Setup?


I have recently upgraded from Portable Apps 1.5 to 1.6. I had no problems until today when my McAfee Virus scan started up automatically today. I shut it down because I had urgent things to do. I started Portable Apps and lo and behold, up pops a McAfee Warning Window with the words (by the way, I have a JPG of the window, but I can't seem to upload it on this forum) (quoting exactly):

McAfee has automatically blocked and removed a Trojan.

About this Trojan
Detected: Artemis!0E1A49A03054(Trojan), Artemis!0E1A49A03054(Trojan)
Location: I:\Portable Apps\PortableApps\\PortableAppsPlatform.exe

I am 95% sure I got the 1.6 version from this Portable Apps site (do you have other websites that offer it?). I have never had any other problems with other versions.

This error stopped the operation of 1.6 completely - not even the Portable Apps window would load. So I have reinstalled 1.5, and that works fine. I did like the features of 1.6 though.

Anyway I just thought I would let you know and maybe you know what to correct.

I am pretty amazed by the Portable Apps environment and all it is achieving. To have all of these programs on my USB is simply incredible and so user friendly. Well done to every contributor! Hopefully I can contribute something in the future!

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false positive

Thanks for your report. But you havent been the first one. McAffee has had numerous false positives lately. Lots of people have reported about it here in the forums.

The best and most secure way to download our stuff is from here. Only then you can be sure to get the real thing. Of course we cant do anything about others whom mirror our stuff.

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For real!? Wow. The irony! I just got done writing a post in off topic about what a thorough waste of time commercial anti-virus solutions are and, within seconds of posting I find yet another post about a false positive from McAfee.

I think this is a red flag people..McAfee SUCKS!

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I use Kaspersky. Great

I use Kaspersky. Great detection, low resource usage, and the only false positive I've ever gotten is upx.exe (but upx-ed files are fine, how's that for irony?).

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Yea, Kaspersky is great

I've had a few FP with it, but considerably less than with any other AV program I've come across! Even AV-Comparatives considers Kaspersky as either the best or second best, depends on what year are you looking at and which security options of an AV... But even though it had those (very few) FP, it caught practically every virus/worm/trojan I got my hands on. It is really the best (commercial) AV program. I've found that KIS is a lot better than KAV, as Kaspersky users will know what I'm talking about and understand it.

What I like about it is the fact you can set it up to what ever level of security freakiness/paranoia a user has. You can view every access to the registry from every process, every injection of one process to another, set it to ask you for permission every time, or just once... Basically, you can set it up and use it the same way as NoScript in Firefox. And it's very low on resources, as you pointed out.

In mu opinion, this is one piece of software that is worthy of getting paid for. And I'm not a fan of commercial programs Smile

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On the subject of Virus Scanners, I use MSE b/c it's free. Not one false positive, and it's pretty low maintenance.

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McAfee Fixed Their Definitions

It looks like McAfee has fixed their definitions within the last 48 hours. The Virus Total report now has McAfee showing it clean as it should:

I have a submission in to F-Secure for their new issue in their definitions.

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Ok, thanks for all your help folks! I thought it was probably a false alert, but then, I'm not that experienced as a Portable Apps user, so I thought I would check.


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