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Syncronisation Thunderbird (portable) PDA (Windows Mobile)

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Syncronisation Thunderbird (portable) PDA (Windows Mobile)

First I want to describe my circumstances. I use portable Thunderbird on some Windows Computers and even at home on my Ubuntu Linux mashine (using only the profils, works fine).
Everything workes perfect (means: thanks for all that nice portable programs!).
Now I have a T-Mobile MDA (PDA with Windows Mobile). I want to synchronise it with the data in my portable thunderbird profile.
I have tried using activesync with birdiesync. The problem is, that you cant define the right paths for the syncronisation with the portable app.
Maybe someone knows a different way to syncronise a PDA with portable thunderbird, or had success on trying to pair the devices with birdiesync. (with the normal Thunderbird everthing works fine!)

waiting hopefully for an answer

sorry for my bad english Sad

actually i have tested smartsync ... with some strange error logs...