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Adobe Flash installer for non-administrators need some testers

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Adobe Flash installer for non-administrators need some testers

Recently I created this little executable that will install Adobe Flash for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome for non administrators-- Need some testers.

Download it here:

Please note that it will only work if you've installed the browsers in their default locations (using their original software installers).

So far it's been tested to work on Windows XP workstations that DO NOT have admin rights.

[I apologize for not following some of the guidelines for dev portable apps -- I was in a bit of a rush]


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I kinda sorta maybe did it myself...

It not only installs flash, but some .BAT's to make flash portable.
Flash for chrome and seamonkey (on my side) are coming soon.

ALSO John made one that just installs flash (which, I think is what yours does):

EDIT: Oh, its for a locally installed version.

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