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Notepad++ Plugin Manager is bugged

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Notepad++ Plugin Manager is bugged

When you use the Notepad++ Plugin Manager and it needs a restart in order to apply the changes clicking yes in the restart dialog will silently fail, the dialog dissappears and Notepad++ doesn't restart this causes this dialog to appear again and again each time you start Notepad++ and I think it also doesn't install the update because of this.

I'm not sure whats causing it whether it might be saving the downloaded plugins in the wrong location or maybe because the launcher causes it to fail to restart itself for some reason.

Please fix this, it's quite annoying not behing able to use the manager and/or update plugins with it.

EDIT: Topic in Notepad++'s forums: Plugin Manager issues under Windows 7

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You can fix it...

...but I forget how, sorry.

I tried everything from tinkering with the plugins in question to deleting my Notepad++ directory and reinstalling. It took longer than it needed to, but eventually, I got it sorted.

I do believe the problem is on Notepad++'s end and not the portable launcher's, I've been told that in regards to problems with this and/or other apps, not sure.

John T. Haller
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Should Work

It should work as Nathan mentioned as the launcher sticks around until the plugin manager restarts it. At least in theory. I've found the plugin manager to be very buggy on my local Notepad++ system, even freezing the whole app for over a minute (which is absurd on a beefy PC like mine).

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The Notepad++ plugin manager works without a hitch for me; no freezes, no glitches, nothing out of the ordinary. Running Windows XP Pro SP3 with the latest Notepad++ Portable; I've got admin rights, if that makes a difference, and my AV is Microsoft Forefront Client Security.

What AV are you guys using? It's possible some kind of on-access scanning is killing you.

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I'll add

That this works great for me. Since the initial issue that you found and fixed a few releases ago, I've never had an issue with the plugin manager or Notepad++, either portable or local.

I should note this was on both XP Pro SP3 and Win7 Ultimate x64.

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Also seems to run fine for

Also seems to run fine for me, I have avast

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I've been having the same

I've been having the same problem with NP++ both at home (Windows Vista 64-bit, privileged user) and at work (Win2k, regular user). Every darn time I fire up NP++ from PortableApps (and I keep updating to the latest release of NP++ hoping it will get fixed...) it tells me that some steps need to be completed, would I like to hold while it tidies up and restarts the app. If I say 'Yes' it restarts NP++ and acts fine, but as soon as I exit the application and restart, it does it again (and again, and again...)

NP++ installed on my desktop at home - zero problems. I checked my old version was 5.4.3, so I updated to 5.6.8, same as on PortableApps. No problems. The installer disabled a couple of the plug-ins - the FTP-sychronizer and the Change-Marker (and I do recall the Change-Marker as one of the ones mentioned during the repeated warning messages). Everything in my desktop version of 5.6.8 runs fine.

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OS related bug?

Perhaps it's an OS bug since the system I encountered this bug in is Windows 7

Maybe it is trying to use some WinAPI call that requires admin rights to close and restart itself although this can easily be done without needing any extra rights as long as the notepad++ folder is read/write for everyone.

Guess Notepad++'s developer should get a look at this.
Need to find the place where that he still checks like a forum or a bug tracker.

If anyone else with Windows 7 or maybe Vista has this please tell so I can be sure on the cause and not confuse him Blum

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No, not just Win7

I've had issues on WinXP. It seems pretty random to be honest. When NP+ works, it works well, but when it doesn't, it's a pain in the rear. Beee

Fortunately it works more often than not so it's still my program editor of choice, but I do break out in cold sweats whenever a new version comes out.

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This specific issue that I posted seems to happen due to UAC and the new permissions systems in vista/7 if you have this issue you will need a computer that you have admin on to fix it for now.
(Run as adminstrator, also available from the PortableApps menu)

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Same Symptoms, different issue?

That's why I posted, because I've experienced (and apparently so have other users) the type of behavior you're describing. As noted in the Notepad++Portable 5.5.1 release. Now granted, although the symptoms may be the same the cause may be different.

Either way, each time issues crop up it shakes my faith in Notepad++ a little. In general though, the last few releases seem to have been relatively stable.

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Running as administrator solved the problem for 7!

Bruce Pascoe
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Yep, it's an issue with UAC.

Yep, it's an issue with UAC. Update manager only works for me when I have bypassed UAC.

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Notepad++ Plugin Manager is Bugged Solution. ^_^

I had that problem for a while now also, so tonight i decided to go into the dir of notepad++ and see whats up. and after few searches and things. I find this folder.

C:\Program Files\Notepad++\updater

then I read the .txt files in there to see what was up. and I gave it a try by running GUP.exe program then after a while of pressing continue and ok buttons my Plugin Manager bug was fixed.

Then I went into my Notepad++ program and went to plugin updater and did the update for my plugin.

here are few images of where I went and what I did.

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