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[Outdated] Launcher 1.0 Beta 1

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John T. Haller
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Installer and Unicode

I think I'm gonna switch the installer to Unicode shortly. I will probably just ditch NsisUnzU as we barely use it anyway and just use 7z for everything.

Did you make any actual code changes within the Installer other than compiling with NSIS-U? I need to keep the copyright entirely in-house so it can be used with freeware and eventually commercial publisher apps to keep the platform open.

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Mark Sikkema
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No code changes.

Just converted 'PortableApps.comInstaller.nsi' to utf-16 to deal with the '®' issue !
I just realize, the 'InstallerWizard.nsi' should still be converted to utf-16 for the same '®' issue.

As well the 'PortableApps.comInstallerLanguages' have been converted to utf-16, but need to be looked over. What I could do myself, since I realized the specific code-pages are supplied in the PAM language files.
And I modified appinfo.ini so it says it's a development test.

[edit: a link to a patch for the language files, 'InstallerWizard.nsi' & the compiled executable what does show the '®' properly.]

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