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PuTTY: Registry blocked

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PuTTY: Registry blocked

Hi all, My putty portable is still saving sessions in the computer registry and therefore is getting blocked when I launch putty from my USB stick (because regedit is blocked by the university).

How can I make putty store the information in a way that I don't need regedit to retrieve it?

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Chris Morgan
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PuTTY uses the registry. The launcher makes sure it doesn't get left behind, but if registry writing is blocked it just means nothing'll end up there. You can't keep your PuTTY settings though.

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yes but recent versions

of putty have a feature where they store the setting for particular setups not in registry, but in a file located under putty\sessions. When such session is created, one can choose where the setting should be stored, either registry or file. There is two ticks bellow the listing of the sessions. Just tick the 'use from file' and then your session setting will be stored in file under sessions. When you open putty later, just tick again 'use from file' and the setting will be loaded from the sessions folder and not from the .reg file stored otherwise under data.
It is feature which was introduced with the 0.60 putty in fact.

So you can have your settings portable with you and have an no or an 'empty' reg file under data.

I use it all the time this way.

Otto Sykora
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What version do you see that

What version do you see that in - the original putty or portable putty?

I don't see those options in either.

Can you explain in details what I need to do to save my session data on disk instead of in the registry.

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As far as I understand

As far as I understand neither original nor package will do that.

You need to get modified putty versions from links below, and here's one more link:

PuTTY for win32 storing configuration into file

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Try Kitty

There is a fork from the 0.60 PuTTY code called Kitty, which has a natively portable mode of operation. I've never tried it, but it may do what you need

It is at

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Also try

Also try ExtraPuTTY:

I says that it can use files instead of the registry.

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It looks like they want this feature.
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