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Eject Under Windows 7 Starter

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Eject Under Windows 7 Starter

I have been using 2.0 Beta 4 since it was available and have been impressed with it. Only recently have I stumbled on a problem, and that is on my wife's netbook running Window 7 Starter edition.

Clicking on the Eject button, the OS will tell me it is safe to remove the device. However, the drive light remains on. That makes me a little nervous. The first time I had this happen, the next time I used my USB stick the OS suggested it had not shut down properly, and did I want to check and repair any errors. Have not seen this message again.

Wondering if anyone has seen this in Windows 7, and suppose particularly in Windows 7 Starter edition? The netbook is an Acer Aspire One, model 532h

Thanks... Dana

John T. Haller
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Windows 7

I know it works properly under Windows 7 as I use it on my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 box. The menu uses a standard Windows API call to eject the device and that message is shown by Windows itself, so at that point, the drive should be safe for removal. If it's not, it sounds like a Windows issue. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Windows 7 Starter Edition box to test with, so I can't determine if this is an issue with the edition or your box in particular.

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RE: Windows 7

I don't know about the RTM, but I have a theory about the Release Candidates. The edition that gets installed can be changed by editing the sources\ei.cfg file from the disc. I believe it is the EditionID section that configures the edition to install, and I believe the value needs to be Starter. If my theory is correct, we'll be able to test if the problem is the Edition or not.

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Had that too

on XP Prof SP3.
When I exit my Sandisk Cruzer Tutanium, the blue light remains on even after XP informed me it was safe to remove. I never had issues with lost data after ejecting it this way. I guess its a windows issue.

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I think it's the computer

I think it's the computer vendor.

My dad's custom built computer shut off my SanDisk Cruzer Micro's light, but then the HP computer doesn't.

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Some do, some don't

As has been commented by the people above, some computers do and some don't. I myself have found that on different hardware it behaves differently; with some the hardware call will cut power to the disk, with others it will just unmount the drive. So long as the drive is unmounted (and it is) you're fine.

If you want confirmation that that's the way Windows does it on that machine, you could try just closing the Platform and going through the "safely remove hardware" tray icon yourself. You should find it has the same effect.

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