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Auto Start with Windows 7?

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Auto Start with Windows 7?

Hey, is there any way to have PAP open automatically when the USB is inserted? I know that Windows XP asked if you wanted to open up the program, but my Windows 7 Pro has no such option, its reading my USB as a music device instead. Can I fix this maybe by changing something in one of the .ini files?

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autorun for usb drives are

autorun for usb drives are disabled on windows 7 and iirc there isn't any real way to enable it either.

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Maybe like this

Look at the bottom of the page where the related registry entries are mentioned.
But I'm not sure if this works, as it's related to older Windows versions.

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I'm doing it right now

I have Se7en Pr0essi0na1 and I saved the
" Autorun Test (No GUI) 0.1" in my startup folder:

Scroll down on that page and make sure to download the one that says NO GUI.
Then click "start" then "All Programs" and find the "Startup" folder.
Either right click on it and click "Open" or "Explore" to copy the autorun exe file therein. OR you can just drag the exe into the "Startup" folder.

THX - John T. Haller for compiling the program with a very small footprint and no resource hogging.

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