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the 2 "Application Data" areas

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Tim Clark
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the 2 "Application Data" areas

Could someone explain to me the differences between:

C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Local Settings\Application Data

In my testing of portable applications I have found that many leave files/folders behind in:
...Tim\Local Settings\Application Data
which can be deleted without note

Some however leave files/folders behind in:
...\Tim\Application Data
which are backed up by Windows System Restore.

The implication is that Windows considers the files in:
...Tim\Application Data
more important\critical\worthy of backing up
than those in:
...Tim\Local Settings\Application Data

so I'm wondering if anyone could explain to me the difference between the 2 "Application Data" areas.


[edit: fixed dupped use of the same path, "\Local Settings\, in last example above]

John T. Haller
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Roaming vs Local

It's basically Roaming vs Local, as it is referred to in modern Windows. AppData is Roaming (your C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Application Data) and is where standard application data is kept. Settings and things of that nature. When using a roaming profile in Windows (central login server), the things in AppData\Roaming come with you. Local Settings is Local in modern Windows (C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Local Settings\Application Data for you) and is usually things like cache and machine-specific stuff.

For portable apps, you will need to handle both pieces. Most apps will only use AppData.

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