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gdb with C::B/mingw

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gdb with C::B/mingw

I have been using these two portable apps for a little while now and assumed that I would be able to debug application that I was building with C::B through mingw. When I try to start a debug session I get an error saying that the debugger executable is not set go to setting -> programs tab to set. I go there and look and it is set as I had expected to gdb as I have linked C::B to mingw and have been to this page before. On closer inspection it appears that gdb is not installed as part of mingw unlike every other executable on that tab. How do I fix this as I would like to debug some programs.

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Wrong place

As neither Code::Blocks Portable nor MinGW Portable is official, this is not the right place for such requests. Please pursue it in the MinGW Portable thread.

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you probably need to get

you probably need to get either the source for gdb and build it with mingw, or find package you can place in the mingw directory.

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