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Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.1 (Dev)

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Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.1 (Dev)
SeaMonkey® is the popular SeaMonkey internet suite
(browser, email, newsgroups, chat)

License: Free / Open Source (Launcher: GPL, SeaMonkey: MPL)

EDIT: 2011-02-15

1) I download regular paf installer for SeaMonkey 2.0.11 (latest stable) from here and installed on PC (internal HDD).

2) OK, I have SeaMonkey Portable 2.0.11 stable on my computer.

3) Download latest SeaMonkey dev build , zipped, and copy/replace to installed Paf 2.0.11 folder. (ovewrite C:\test\SeaMonkey\App\SeaMonkeywith content of dev from that zip).

4) It´s working fine. I can use SeaMonkey 2.1 Beta 2 with latest Gecko (2.0b12pre). An equivalent of Firefox 4.0 Dev (4.0b12pre).

5) Could developers try to make normall paf with Seamonkey Dev?

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new seamonkey portable

could anybody develop a seamonkey 2.1 portable please. i need to use scripty and 2.0.10 does not support scripty

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