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Warning! Kingston DataTraveler MiniSlim.... Kingston = greed

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Warning! Kingston DataTraveler MiniSlim.... Kingston = greed

If you have had a Kingston DataTraveler Mini Slim you know what I'm talking about.
Here is an example of how greed takes precedence over customer satisfaction. If you take a look at it and you'll see the thin plastic parts around the contact area. These breaks down after a short period of use. Below electrical circuits become visible and memory will fail, I know.

Any reasonably intelligent person can figure that out, so one can only conclude that …. Kingston=greed

[Moved to off-topic forum (rather than deleting it). In legal terms, this post incites hate. In my terms, it's nonsense and definitely not true - mod Chris]

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Looks like spam Should be in

Looks like spam Blum

Should be in the general forums. As far as greedy, my kingston flash drive has held up very well.

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This thread is a hate crime!

It's illegal in Australia.

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I'm lost...the game

wait... what?

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i am confuzed as j00 are.

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A Hate Crime?

Not really sure that this incites hate. The fact that it's poorly written doesn't really incite anything other than me ignoring it for the most part.

The OP was obviously angry with Kingston and just wanted to get it off of his/her chest. Smile

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Any business = greed these

Any business = greed these days. I'd hardly say this post incites hate, maybe confusion though...I don't really know what the OP was trying to say, or why it's a hate crime...really, the whole thing makes 'bout as much sense as a screen door in a submarine

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The rest of the story...

Since no info is given, would you be surprised if the drive ranted about came from eBay and was actually a counterfeit Kingston drive? I know I wouldn't be surprised in the least...

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seeing as this is a rant kingston thread

i just lost a 10$ 4GB kingston DataTraveler drive. it is deader than a doornail. i was using dd to transfer a disk image of a linux install (1.8gb) when the drive overheated and the controler fried. it was brand new no data lost but hell... it makes me FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

oh well this is the second issue with a legit kingston i have had out of 26. not bad i say Smile

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