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GIMP: Pango error, Runtime error,

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GIMP: Pango error, Runtime error,

Hi to all, and thanks for having made this great software available,
especially as a PortableApp, It will be something awesome when we can save stuff as pdfs or even fla files. This is a superb little software and does anything a scalled down version of PShop does. I plan to use it where I have no access to a graphic software, and this comes up to my 1st question, what does the portable Gimp install on a host computer,(even if temporary) the reason I ask is if administrator privileges are blocking installs, how would this work, because it is using the host computer?

I've got a fairly new(1 yr)Dell Laptop running XPHome SP2.

Now I come to the issues I've come across with the Portable Gimp,
I installed the software and on launch, a Visual C Runtime error comes up with regards to gspawn-win32-helper.exe, and won't load into plugins Here is the error

• Runtime error

** ERROR **: file gspawn-win32-helper.c: line 103 (WinMain): assertion failed: (__argc>=ARG_COUNT)

It appears to run fine, I'm not a Gimp expert, but as I was playing around to familiarize myself, everything seemed excellent. I particularly liked how you can open extra panels in the Tool Bar, I don't even need the Layers,Channels...panel open. Mored space yeah gotta have it.
Now I come to the other issue though, whenever I did some graphics and tried to add either Filters or Script-Fu to it, I received a Pango error and the next pop-up said that the Filter or Script -Fu plugin had crashed and to restart Gimp in case it had been compromised.

• Pango error

Pango-ERROR **:file shape.c: line 75(pango_shape): assertion failed: (glyphs->num_glyphs>

A NOTE in passing, Gimp won't close for me right away, through various
experiments, I've found it never closes on the 1st request and have to close it a second time before it closes. I've tried to wait an awful long time once to see if it would ever close and it didn't.

Well again thanks for this wonderful little software and all the other PortableApps, I really like your WebEditor as well as the AVirus.
PS: If you can't find a way to export Gimp as pdf, maybe you can make
a small pdf PortableApp.
PS2:Oh yeah I was able to successfully add the help files as per one of the Forum postings.