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True Portable security

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True Portable security

My big wish is TrueCrypt without the mandatory "Administration Rights". Does anybody see this happening in the near future?

I use my USB-stick for transport of files between to many different computers and cannot demand to get "Administration Rights" on all of them.

One of my older USB-sticks uses a program called Lock and it does just that, it locks the USB-secure part and keeps it invisible until unlocked. Unfortunately it cannot be installed on sticks of other brands.

I have found the program "Folder Lock" from

It looks like a very nice program that should just do what I would like it to do.
I have just installed the trial version and I still have some problems using this program between different computers and different rights. I have set out a call with the help desk for this.

Does anybody have other suggestions that I can have a look at?


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Try bcarchive at I used it for quite awhile and was quite happy with it.

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