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Import mail from VPN ?

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Import mail from VPN ?


I installed Thunderbird Portable 3.0.4.
Now I'd like to import my emails from within a web browser accessing my company mails via a VPN.
Do you think it's possible ?

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webbrowser just interface

the web browser is just kind of human interface for some real e-mail system. So you will have there an e-mail server and the web interface is probably using IMAP .
But this you have to find out first.

Import might be possible if you can export mails via the web interface to a file and placing that file on some place where you can copy it from to your stick.
So check the possibility of exporting mails first.

Otherwise if your thunderbird account has other mail address then at work, you can just forward all mails in question to that account and they are here.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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