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Teach2000 Portable

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Teach2000 Portable

Application: Teach2000
Category: Education
Description: Teach2000 is a simple program which you can learn words easily

Download Teach2000 portable [8.23MB download / 10.1MB installed]

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2010-04-03): Initial release

Known errors:

-Sometimes it gives a strange error for not finding Lancher.ini in a temp map
-In the installer are more languages than Teach2000 support.

Support link:Teach2000 forum in dutch

Chris Morgan
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Missing launcher configuration

You're using the Launcher, but you haven't configured it. You need App\AppInfo\Launcher\Teach2000Portable.ini following the Launcher configuration format. Until you do that it can be guaranteed that it will not work. Also the splash screen should go to App\AppInfo\Launcher\splash.jpg.

Other users: currently has no functionality, until it's updated there's no point in downloading it.

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