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Thunderbird 2+3 slow on NAS

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Thunderbird 2+3 slow on NAS


i run Thunderbird Portable on my Netgear NAS. It takes very long to open the Programm, abour 3-5 minutes. Working in Thunderbird is also very slow, clicking on a mail takes about 30 seconds to do the selected option.

What can i do to make it faster?

Thunderbird 2 is a little faster. Starting takes also very long, but working in Thunderbird is very much faster.

Thanks, Klaus

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Chances are, there's nothing

Chances are, there's nothing you can do. If it's just a standard 100Mbit network, there's nothing you can do to speed it up. If it's Gigabit capable, that would be the only way to speed it up, unless you copy the app back and forth before and after using it...but you have to remember, Thunderbird is pretty drive intensive for everything so it has to do all the reads/writes over the network.

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even more expensive NAS have one major break build in: their processor.
All has to be read and put into tcp/ip form, tranmitted, and other things received and stored again.
And your desktop computer takes lot of power from mains, converts lot to heat, the complex cooling system inside with heat pipes etc shows you that this parts do heavy work.
Almost no heat produced by the NAS, it is made for permanent operation with little power, so no computing power can be expected from that.
It is like you would try to take some 10-15 year old laptop with little ram and 486 processor and try to run TB. It might work, but how!?

In fact I had an experimental setup with embedded 486 miniature board and simple IDE hard drive, freeNas on it and all did work quite well. Better then the complete NAS bought by my colleague from the shop round corner.

NAS is what it says: Network Attached Storage, fine as file deposit, but it is not a hard drive even it pretends to be one sometimes.

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Thunderbird 2+3 slow on NAS

Klaus/derklausi, are you running thunderbird under ms-windows?

Note: you don't want to be running any 3.0.x version with portable because version 3.1 introduced major performance improvements. The current version 3.1.4 may resolve most of your issues.

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derklausi, is it still slow

derklausi, is it still slow for you?

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