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Portable 2.0 beta/beta2/beta3 crashing

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Portable 2.0 beta/beta2/beta3 crashing

First, thanks for all the hard work, John!

I'm having a problem running Portable OpenOffice 2.0 beta/beta2/beta3 on my work computer, but it works fine at home.

What happens is that it when I run PortableOpenOffice.exe it appears everything is going fine. If I try to start a new document or open and existing document, I get an error box that states "Due to an unexpected error, crashed. All the files you were working on will be saved now. The next time is launched, your files will be recovered automatically." I'd attach a screenshot but it doesn't appear that's allowed in these forums.

Using your workaround of running the individual exe files doesn't get me any further; I get the same error.

My work machine:
Win XP Pro, SP2
Non-administrative user account

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


John T. Haller
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If the workaround doesn't work...

then you're out of luck on that PC. The workaround runs OpenOffice itself, without any of my launcher features. If that doesn't work, then OO.o won't run on that computer.

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