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Minefield Portable install error

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Minefield Portable install error

Regarding the downloader/installer for the 3.7 alpha 4, it is getting a 404 when trying to download the package.

This seems like a useful installer and I would like to request the following, if it is a valid proposition. Can you please tell us which type of package the installer requires and then allow us to manually download the version of our choice for the installer to then create a portable version? Is this feasible or do you do your own fine tuning for each version?

Minefield, Portable Edition | Installer
The installer was unable to download Current Minefield Trunk Build. The installation of the portable app will be incomplete without it. (ERROR: File Not Found (404))

Thank you sir.

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John T. Haller
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Alpha 5

Because it's already branched for Alpha 5 and the installer is looking for pre-alpha 4 (which no longer exists). The installer will be updated for pre-alpha 5 shortly.

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