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Portable Miranda aging out / ICQ-connection problems workaround

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Portable Miranda aging out / ICQ-connection problems workaround

People like me, just loving the uncomplicated way of using your apps wherever you want, and so using Portable Miranda, will actually face a major problem, connecting to the ICQ Network.

The package downloadable here, still contains the old ICQ.dll OscarJ-protocol in version For ICQ having changed their servers on 10th of July, the old protocol is no longer accepted.

Joe@Whale, writer of the OscarJ-protocol says:
I noticed AOL is about to discontinue support for icq5... together with old error in version it is not able to connect... I release new bugfix version - it has fixed this problem and is still based on old code base. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: Development builds has this fixed for some time already."

To be able to connect to ICQ-Networks again, you can

  • either download the official OscarJ-protocol
  • or directly leap over to the (unofficial) version RC2 is available on Official Miranda hompage, download-section RC2 is available on Joe@Whale's homepage
(Site's pretty slow, for downloading, please use mirror-link, it's ways faster Smile )

For people, uising v. and still having problems to connect to ICQ-networks, please give v. RC2 a try. When opening Miranda Options, be sure, the "Show expert options"-Checkbox (lokatd in the very lower left of options-window) is checked. Then head on to Networks -> ICQ. On the "Account"-Tab, there's a new option/checkbox named "Secure (MD5) login". Unchecking this might help, when still having trouble.

So far my little workaround, i hope this works for most of you.
Now it's your turn to pack a new bag of Portable Miranda, that's no longer aged out Smile

Greetz, CG