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Create a launcher stub?

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Create a launcher stub?

When creating a Portable App, if I have the EXE in the App/[program name] folder, like in most if not all of the official applications released, how do I create a launcher stub program, like "7-ZipPortable.exe" which points to App\7-Zip\7zFM.exe, for example?

I have a few DLL files which need to be in the same directory as the executable file, but if I leave them in the base directory, they don't get picked-up by PA.c Installer Portable program. If I put the DLLs into the App\[appname] folder, but put the EXE file in the base folder, then the installed app complains about the missing DLL files, and if I put them all into the App\[appname] folder, than PA.c Installer complains about no executable file in the base folder.

Is there an NSIS command or script needed to create that launcher stub? or perhaps there is a separate developer program needed to create the launcher?

As an aside, the program is a stand-alone freeware program (ie. it doesn't use the registry or any ini files), but it needs several commercial DLL files, which are installed into a particular location when iTunes is installed. Since these support files are not distributable, is it possible to have a post-install script of some kind check for the existence of the source files, and copy then (if they do exist), into the portable app's folder?


Chris Morgan
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Not a stub

Our launchers aren't stubs. They do lots. The easiest way for you to go will be to use the Launcher.

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Some don't need the launcher

There are a few apps here (don't quote me on that) that don't actually need the launcher app. I believe Toucan is one such example. Don't know if that's helpful at all but thought it was worth mentioning.

John T. Haller
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Toucan uses a simple 'stub' that just launches the actual Toucan app. It's mainly for people who don't use the PA.c Platform that we keep this in the spec, since the platform could easily accept Start=App\AppName\AppName.exe in the appinfo.ini. It's just that some non-platform users could get confused (not to mention some outdated menus).

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