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Multi-exe app

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Multi-exe app

Imagine you have an app, which has multiple exes, each one for a different function.

Having multiple icons for each one in the main menu isn't very desirable for many users.

I can imagine 2 solutions for this:

  1. Making the main application icon expandable for the extra icons.
    Imagine a structure like this:
    Blah blah blah portable
    -OpenOffice Portable
    OpenOffice Writer Portable
    OpenOffice Impress Portable
    Where clicking on OpenOffice Portable would open the OpenOffice with it's application selection menu which already exists, with also the ability to expand it to select a specific one. (This will also be useful for apps that dont have a menu like OpenOffice has clicking on the main icon will do nothing or some default action for them)
  2. A seperate menu that is launched from within the PA.c menu to select what to launch.
    This might require coding a menu since there isn't always such a menu availble

Imagine something like AutoHotKey.
If someone were to portabilise it, it wont be very comfortable to use unless one of the solution I noted would be used (or something else...).
Especially considering that to launch .ahk scripts without file associations you would have to drag them to the exe or use the command line which is not very comfortable, like lets say an "Open a File" dialog.