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Can i add a shortcut on the Suite ?

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Can i add a shortcut on the Suite ?


I've created a couple of Mozilla Prism App and i want them to put them on the suite. Is it possible to these app(shortcut) on the suite ?

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adding a shortcut

I assume you want to do this in order to test your apps.

You can't add a shortcut directly as far as i know. However, if you create a folder in the PortableApps directory, then unzip the app you want to test, it will be automatically added when you next start the Suite. If you're already running the Suite, you will need to click on 'Options', then 'Refresh Icons'. That will add any .exe files in your new directory to the menu of the Suite.

If you are trying to make your apps portable there is a whole section dedicated to teaching you how in the forum at this link,

Hope this helps.


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