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skype is out

the available portable version is and i love it
hope to see a new portable version

thanks a lot to the developer> improvement and bug fixed

# Fixed issues:

* Audio
- Deactivated the keyboard tapping removal feature during conference calls because of complaints from blind people and gamers.

* Calling
- Improved call stability between two Skype 4.2 for Windows users.
- Fixed issue causing consecutive call drops right after call start.

* Call Quality Indicator
- The preferred microphone settings were not saved when the device was set from the Call Quality Indicator device selection list.

* General
- In some languages Skype showed an error message "unterminated tag" which prevented users from logging into Skype.

* IM
- The IM notification icon was not correctly displayed during a full screen video call.

* Screen sharing
- Screen sharing from Skype 4.2 to Skype 4.0 or lower did not show video to the receiver if their computer had Pentium 4 or Pentium 3 processor.

* Video
- The High Quality Video logo sometimes flashed during a video call.
- Outgoing video froze when Skype raised the outgoing video quality.
- When on a video call to an Asus Videophone users, the local video preview sometimes froze and the other side saw a green still image after some time into call.

* Voicemail
- In rare cases it was not possible to listen to old Voicemails which were received through Online Number.

Skype>improvement and bug fixed

# Fixed:

* Notifications
- After upgrading to 4.2, some users were notified of old authorization requests.

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