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Convert pdf to office files (& vice versa)

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Convert pdf to office files (& vice versa)

I need to convert a pdf to an excel .xls file. I tried Zamzar but it didn't convert it properly. It would be better if it integrates in MS office.

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it makes me wonder why people ask this question again and again.

... cause PDF is not designed to be edited or converted back to another format.

PDF is designed to publish dokuments for printing or viewing on different machines and not for editing.

That's why there will be never ever any tools who will be able to convert PDF-files 100 percent to editable format. It's allways better to use the source document, so please ask the author for it and this will save You a lot of time.

A so called PDF-converter or editor is good for changing some line or grap some content but not for complex tasks like changig a lot of strings or entries.

You are able to create PDF files from the most office formats with Portable. There is a PDF import tool for it too, but it will import to draw only and as told before, it is not recommended.

Paid for Software more or less?
What You need is OSS!

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Payware for conversion from pdf to txt, xls and doc

There exists - to my knowledge - only one closed source software (not too expensive) which may help. But as Marko points out it is not guaranteed that it works always 100 % correct.

I use it myself to extract the abovementioned files out of pictures. So it works with pfd-files displayed on your screen. It is ABBYY Screenshot Reader.


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just wonder

how does any such 'graphic' to xls convert finds out what the numbers or contents of cells mean, what is the formula behind it and how they are related to each other..;-)))

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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Additional Step Required

You have to scan in a math e-book and teach it math first, then it works. Smile

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Online Solution

I've Used PDF To Excel Online on a number of occassions and been ha[[y with results. Give it a go Smile Advocate

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Sorry but it didn't work and

Sorry but it didn't work and all i got was a blank excel file.

Tried NitroPDF trial. Got the numbers.

I also tried OCR and it also worked.

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Try PDF Converter PRO

I own a copy of PDF Converter Pro(note the phrase "own" - this product is commercialware) which, if the PDF is made from the native file, will 99% of the time convert files back to the Word or Excel format. As previous commentors have noted though, the Excel conversion will contain only numbers not formula's since you are basically printing a file to a "PDF Printer."
Not a candidate for PortableApps since it is commercial but I have been happy with it.

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