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How do uninstall Openoffice!?!

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How do uninstall Openoffice!?!

I need to uninstall it but how do i do that?

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just delete it

Uninstalling is easy: Just delete the OpenOfficePortable folder on your drive and its gone. If you want to keep your settings for future use, backup theOpenOfficePortable/Data folder.

If you use the Platform, right click on the OpenOfficePortable entry and select Uninstall.

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just deleting it won't work!

when i try to delet the little POS it reach this folder and the file inside of it--> G:\Documents\My Documents\Open Office Portable\OpenOfficePortable\App\openoffice\Basis\share\template\wizard\letter\cs
the document causeing all of the Shift is: OTT file O KB

what is this file!?!?! and why inth won't it delete!
the same with uninstalling that what i have tried the first time i thought i did'nt do it correctly...

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Path Too Long

I'd say that path is too long for Windows to properly understand. I'm guessing you had an issue installing Portable, probably on that same file.

At this point, I'd suggest you reboot and then scan that drive for logical errors. That should fix that bit. Then you should be able to delete it.

In the future, Portable should be installed to the recommended location, X:\PortableApps\OpenOfficePortable, or a similarly short location. Anything longer and you run into the upper limits of path length in Windows due to the excessive directory nesting of files within itself.

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