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[Discontinued] NetAlyzer Portable

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[Discontinued] NetAlyzer Portable

Application: NetAlyzer
Category: Utilities

NetAlyzer is a mini tool to gather information about the owner of domains and trace routes to Internet servers. Its database to store, browse and search previous WhoIs queries allows you to keep a history of e.g. all the malware domains you've analyzed, search the history for athers owned by the same person, &c..

[Link removed. Reason: discontinued; uncertain of the base app's future.]

Release Notes: Development Test 1 (2010-05-23): Initial release


  • For personal use only
  • Bundled with permission
I was told that a while back had been granted permission to bundle Spybot as a portable application. I wanted to verify this was true myself (since nobody else has packaged it yet, I figured why not possibly do it myself), and ask if this applied to any of your other utilities (RegAlyzer, FileAlyzer, etc.). I'm quite busy with classes at the moment so Spybot Portable might take a bit, however your other utilities seem to be much easier to package for the time being. If I was told wrong and we have not been given permission to do so, then I apologize for not further checking first.

Hello Kenny,

There should not be a problem with this, as long as you make clear that this is only for the private use. Smile

Best regards
Team Spybot