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Everquest 1

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Everquest 1

Hey I would really like if someone could make a portable launcher or a tut on how to make everquest original portable.

If it works on my school laptop I would be willing to donate $5 or $10.

When i open it non-portably it says i need admin rights. But if i could just skip the station launcher.

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Everquest 1

As far as I know, Everquest 1 or 2 is not open source. I don't think SONY would take kindly to having their client manipulated to bypass any security.

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everquest 1

is it possible to download everquest 1 on here

Ken Herbert
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No you can't download it here

No you can't download it here. Unless the license has changed a lot since it was released it would be illegal for us to repackage it.

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