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[updated] JavaPortable 6 u20 - from John T. Haller installer

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[updated] JavaPortable 6 u20 - from John T. Haller installer

I have updated John T. Haller JavaPortable installer with Java 1.6.0_20 and the following changes:

  1. There are no 3rd party installer file being downloaded/extracted - whole content is distributed with portable installer. I hope there are none legal issues connected with this method but from what I understand (a little:D) from EULA there is no ban on this.
  2. Old mozilla plugins are removed from \bin directory and replaced with new plugin.
    (those files are listed as "Optional Files" in EULA so I guess it's ok not to distribute them)
    What portable browser here uses them anyway?

This installer it should simplify process to load plugin as "portable" (as far as it's made portable by Sun/Oracle already) - in "FirefoxPortable & JavaPortable" guide above it should be OK to skip both remove and keep file steps.

You can grab it from:
[unfortunately You cannot]

This is my very first experience with creating anything with in portableapps format. Any suggestions, criticism, "You're braking JRE licencse" warnings :), etc are more then welcome!

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Well, how should I put this...

"You're braking JRE licencse"

You should put those links down, or a mod will surely remove the links for you. Your build is illegal, unless you've got a written permission from Sun (I doubt it)...

Take care

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