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CD drive number issue - again

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CD drive number issue - again

I apologize for bring this up again... and possibly again... and yet again

I have a educational CD going out to some pretty extreme places. Most have no Internet, so your FFP is a great product and it was easy to setup with Flash.

Currently I am working off a jump drive. I followed the CD creation steps, and have burned a CD, in both instances I run into the drive letter issue.

This is how it works so far. In a perfect world: You slide in your cd, it will ask for a password, you enter that and after a moment the CD will autorun FFP. There will be a homepage, with all the links to the supporting pages, material and flash files.
The secondary pages work perfectly. Flash works and all is good in that section of space and time. Encryption is also taken care of.

The problem is that home page. I could just be misunderstanding, which I am good at, I plug the thumb drive or the CD and I get the wrong drive letter and the home page fails. I keep reading that it should adjust, but I think I don't understand...

I am working on the root of the jump drive and the CD.

File Structure:
index.html - this is the home page file

The Encryption system makes the FirefoxPortable.exe file autorun, and then it fails with the drive letter.

If there is something I have not seen yet, please direct me, or throw something at me for bringing up this topic again.

This is my last obstacle.

Thank you very much


Last seen: 13 years 12 months ago
Joined: 2010-05-26 12:59
Work around!

I didn't actually figure out my problem, but I did find a work around.

Using autorun:
open=FirefoxPortable/FirefoxPortable.exe index.htm

Then put an index.html file into the directory beside the FFP exe. Works all the time

Thanks for a great product!


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