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Virus in AbiWord?

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Virus in AbiWord?

I have installed PortableApps suite light. During installation Norton Internet Security detected and removed pluginlatex.dll file from plugin folder in AbiWord. It has classified it as Suspicious.Cloud Heurestic Virus.

I have run this file through Virus Total - no other virus engine detects it except TrendMicro which calls it positive PAK_Generic.001

I assumed it is false positive and have written email to Symantec about it.

I have deleted AbiWord from my USB drive and reinstalled stand alone portable application. What is interesting that there was no pluginlatex.dll file in plugin folder.

I have repeated suite installation - pluginlatex.dll shows up again.

Why is it present in Suite installation but not in stand alone application?

John T. Haller
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Different Version

The version in the suite is newer than the standalone download. At least it is for the next 20ish hours.

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