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does wackget actually split a file into 4 (for example) smaller files to download them, like other full fledged download managers?

i've also noticed that it takes a longer time to start the actual download when compared with other download managers.

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I'm not sure about that, but i dont recommend using WackGet because some said it wrote to the registry, and if they are correct then it isn't a secure program.

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I use Firefox Extensions

I use Firefox Extensions DownThemAll and Spiderzilla.

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it does

wakget does write to registry, i am sure of it. the settings are saved onto each individual computer you log onto, i would be ok with that if it also wrote them to a file but it doesnt so you have to set up all the settings and download lists every time you want to use it.

download them all is supposed to be good. cant say i have used it for anything i really needed it for yet.

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